Tuesday, December 23, 2008

William Hundley

Austin photographer William Hundley

These images are from his 2007 repository of floating "amorphous figures". A bit outdated, sure, but still visually stunning.

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's not even Christmas yet

I probably shouldn't have opened my Christmas gifts already, but my childlike curiosity could not be suppressed. And I'm really impressed with what I got-but-did-not-ask-for. I really know how to pick my friends!

Here are some of my favz:

APC gray pima dress

Muji color pencil set

Mociun "bauhaus" print tee

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

for the have and the have nots: holiday edition

I’m gearing up for a holiday gift exchange among friends that’s become an annual tradition since its inception circa 9th grade. Usually, it’s easy for me to list off all the things I want, well tangible things at least; yet this year, I’m racking my brain for ideas. Given our waning economic stability, I suddenly don’t want as much as I did before. The occasional Henrik Vibskov dress and Geren Ford shirt aside, I’ve simplified my life by “notwanting”. And if the feeling-of-want starts to bubble inside, I indulge myself with some online window-shopping aka “retail bulimia”. Add what you want to your shopping cart but instead of checking out, close the page. Sick, right?

Anyway, I’m stuck trying to come up with a few things to add to my Elfster list because I have to (see line 32A in our gift exchange rule book). And as much as I’d like my gift in a cash value, I can’t– that just takes the fun out of opening presents, no? Why am I such a stickler for tradition?

Papier Labo

Rosemieke de Hair

porcelain goblets

Facing China at Vreeman Publishers

Porter “Hello My Name Is” bag

Whimsey & Spice

One Year of White Pages

Thursday, December 11, 2008



“.nl” always makes me happy. I love the Netherlands, I love Dutch design. This brings back fond memories of my short visit to Amsterdam a few years ago. I am still on the Stedelijk mailing list and frequently salivate when I get their event updates. Le sigh!

And in case this I wasn’t clear enough- Humanoid is awesome.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pixel part 2

Icelandic illustrator/London inhabitant Siggi Eggertsson is my hero! I first spotted his work accompanying an article on the NYT website. After some web-stalking, I found his website . Of course, I was entranced. I love pixelated anything but its his choice of color and vector shapes that I find unique and visually stimulating.

Read his interview via Computer Arts UK.