Wednesday, April 30, 2008

man enough


No words are really necessary. See www.hendrixsextape.com for the back story. All I have to say is, this tape was made in the Sixties so don't be grossed out by the hairy armpits (among other things).

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

palm springs was hot this weekend, and I just ate too much chocolate

I took a sabbatical from blogging to work on a few personal projects. And during my break, I caught an annoying cold which has now morphed into allergies. I also just returned from Coachella weekend unscathed (not much of a feat considering I saw like 1 1/2 acts the whole weekend). But more on that later- here's a little update on my top 10 favorite things right now (mostly tangible but hey this is better than actually spending money!)

Counting down:
Mateo Ilasco limited edition "Plant" journal ($32 but out of stock- SORRY)

BAGGU nylon reusable bags

Mastihashop, a one stop shop for eco-friendly Meditteranean-centric products, via Cool Hunting

Made Her Think "Pyramid Totem" cuffs (pricey, but beautiful)

I know Band of Outsiders released a Top Sider collaboration (for men) this year, but what about the ladies? Pssh. Regardless of the hype and the hipster-redundancy, I still love these classic Sperry Top Sider boating shoes. So perfect for summer- (caveat- I would be all about the Wallabees if it were winter/fall)

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. This Japan export takes off your layers of impurities and make-up. So if you're a sloppy drunk and wind up crashing after a boozy night, you might want this for the wake-up-clean-up. OR, if you're like me and are a skincare freak, this is nice.

Limited Edition G-Shocks ($12), Yes I know they're all the rage right now. But look at it! Perfect!

PARK restaurant (Echo Park, menu via Yelp.Com)
A little back-story about this: Friends Stacey and Carol invited me to dinner at this new East Side establishment and having heard about this restaurant through a colleague, I was more than happy to try it! The prices are more than reasonable, the venue is cozy (though they could use better ventilation) and brace yourselves: It's BYOB. Which means your 2-buck-chuck from Trader Joes or Fresh & Easy will be totally appropriate for the setting. I think I had the best veggie burger ever. I washed it down with some butterscotch pudding tart of course.

Not a fan of sunglasses but I'd definitely pay the $60 for these Alexandra Cassaniti "Face it Sunglasses" courtesy of Ooga Booga. The frame changes color in the sun!

1. NEON NEON "Stainless Steel". Granted Boom Bip is a terribly nice person, but his amiable nature has no bearing on how good this cd is. It's just so upbeat and digital. Trust me- I'm no Super Furry Animals fan but Gruff Rhys did a good thing.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Lykke

Two posts in one day.
But a worthwhile cause!

Lykke Li has been on my radar for a while now. Since I read about her on a Swedish music blog maybe 11/2 years ago, I knew that she was going to be rolling out hits in no time. I myspaced her of course and thought nothing of her until a year later, her name was mentioned all over the blogosphere. More sleuthing ensued and soon I came across this video:

This is a pretty awesome music video. It's pretty low-budget; I can only imagine how many of these back up dancers actually got paid. All you've got is an unfurnished living room and well, the sun, or as my friend Nina calls it, "nature's disco ball". But Lykke sure knows how to shoulder-dance (shout out to Vanessa). But that's what good editing is all about-

Thanks to MINIROBOT for Lykke Li photos- and for reminding me to post this mv.

pierre HOTTIE

Just a day ago, my friend Alice showed me her Pierre Hardy x Gap shoes. Of course I was very excited because I am a huge Pierre Hardy fan. Although I'm not quite financially stable enough to buy a pair of his shoes, I still enjoy browsing through the luscious photos up on the Pierre Hardy website. But with the advent of high design/mainstream-design collaborations, PH had to get involved and with none other than retail giant GAP. Here's a little side by side comparison of PH's more affordable gear with the (cough cough) not so affordable desirables-

Gap x Pierre Hardy

Ok, cool. But check this out:
Pierre Hardy SP/SU 2008

I rest my case. I've never been one to salivate over shoe porn, but I realized recently I'm quite the sucker for shoe designs that replicate art pieces.