Friday, March 30, 2007

evolution of the jean

Before setting foot in Paris, I provincially believed that Parisians were so high fashion that wearing jeans and cross trainers would be unacceptable. As a college student disguised as a vagabond, traveling disheveled was inevitable since I had aptly packed only the most convenient articles of clothing--dirty jean, wrinkly sweaters and the lot. But while in Paris, I realized that unlike my previous notions of Parisian fashion-culture, everyone had their own personal style and wore whatever they wore with confidence. Denim was paired with simple sweaters, tunics, tank tops, boots, heels, clogs, etc. Ok, but to set the record straight, no cross trainers.

Much has changed since the good ole early 90s (I will be throwing around "Mall" terms now, brace yourselves), when denim was strictly tween, Contempo Casual teen, or Casual Corner mommy. Today, especially in LA, denim is acceptable and in fact, denim has been serving a multitude of purposes for the last decade. When "Seven"s became the closet staple, denim companies started taking over the world. First it was that extra-special crease, then it was the weird washes, the tempered denim, then the salvaged frenzy. Throughout the ups and downs (downs: those hideous J-LO-esque sand-blasted jeans), I always saw this denim trend as very nouveau riche, investing in empty stocks of low grade material, buying into the fleeting hype. If I'm going to spend hundreds of dollars on jeans, I am buying a bomb ass classic pair, like a pair of high-waisted indigo Wranglers. Speaking of which...

I have been on a hunt for the perfect pair of wide legged, high-waisted trousers. I thought San Francisco would be the perfect place to find a pair--and though I found two thrift-store gems--I need something that's vintage chic, but updated for 21st century needs (like being able to bend down in them to pick up stuff from the ground, or being able to drop it like it's hot). Here are a few pairs I've started a sweet little fund for---all in the classic styles-- by classic designers---for the classic girl.

letrainbleu karenwalker amelia pants
Karen Walker "Amelia" denims

rebecca taylor le train bleu
Rebecca Taylor

letrainbleu karen walker amelia indigo
Karen Walker (these are similar to the ones I have, except 100 x's more expensive)

I've also been very serious about jumpers/one-piece-trousers:

letrainbleu:fremont jenny jumpsuit
Fremont Jenny Jumpsuit

Obviously from the same website as the four above...

this I have and purchased from MILK by SRETSIS (a brand I've started to really love...)

I'm glad that too-close-to-crotch-for-comfort low-rises are being replaced by camel-toe friendly high-waisted pants. The woes of being a woman...

Friday, March 16, 2007


With the busy weeks behind me and ahead of me, here is my window of opportunity to update the blog. Luckily, my friends have been nagging at me to update especially since they are aware of my proverbial capriciousness when it comes to blogging (and attending class in college). What great friends I have, or rather--what great shopaholic friends I have. Glad to have them nevertheless.

So recently, I've been searching for a meaningful bag/purse/wallet. This sudden need for a new wallet is a result from a recent loss. Last Saturday, I lost my beloved thrift-store-fabulous wallet along with important documentation, my license, my credit card and my Bruin card (for those discounted movies, you know). Not having a credit card inhibited me from delusional shopping. I was very careful with money and very careful with ebay bids. However, not having my ID meant waiting an hour outside the Spaceland before the Fajima & Miyagi show before someone felt sorry for me and let me in with my temporary permit as my only identification. Yet, after all this, my wallet has apparently been found, my faith in people restored. But why I STILL don't have it in my hands is another story to be told. We'll save that for another time.

Everyone needs the perfect bag. The all around, bag-next-door, bag. The one that you will devote yourself to through its wear and tear moments, the one that you can't seem to let go, even when the leather/pleather starts to peel and the strap comes undone and it smells like jellied barf. I don't currently have a bag like that. I accessorize my outfits with bags that I find at flea markets, thrift stores, Loehmanns (if you didn't know, now you know!), TJ MAXX, or my mom's closet (who knew conservative mom had a gucci purse?) But now I'm ready for the big timer...the high roller...the BAG--the big ass goody.

Is this it?

Anna Corinna's Black City Tote

Affordable, but no cigar...still lovely nevertheless:

Graphic Bucket Tote ($38!!)

Not normally a Kate Spade fan, but this is nice:
Kate Spade Tulum JocelynKate Spade Spring/Summer 07 Tulum

What's YOUR bag? I know my friend Vanessa's is her Green ChloƩ...what's yours?

more to come...

Saturday, March 3, 2007


Here is the first of a four part series appropriately titled "Clothes I want but probably can't afford". Wait, strike "probably". While runway photos seem to defy reality, we self-indulgent consumers can't help but to be in awe of the artistic dramatization of some clothes on some bones and the glamourization of the fashion world. Though never deeply steeped within, I've gathered my own bias against the fashion world through personal experiences. To a certain extent, the fashion industry is a vapid pocket of socio-economical delusion. Or maybe that's just everyone who's involved in the PR end (I'm hinting at my previous experience).On the other hand,fashion is undoubtedly one of the farthest reaching artforms. Like food and literature and music and etc. etc., fashion is an exemplary reference for history and anthropology, whethor or not its creators want it to be.You can't refer to communism without crediting the social politics surrounding clothing styles and symbolic colors. You can't completely understand Japanese culture without peeling through the layers of fashion semiotics and its relevance to experiential and communicational cultural osmosis. So don't hate yourself for enjoying a good shop or two. Fashion is relevant. Trends are relevant. But of course, you have to know where to draw the line.

Anyway, rant over, onto my pics for the top four androgynous pices. :

Vivienne Westwood Paris 2007

Yohji Yamamoto2
Yohji Yamamoto Paris 2007

Phillip Lim
3.1 Phillip Lim NY 2007

Dries Van Noten2
Dries Van Noten Paris 2007

stay tune for part two: the subtle swagger

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Junk in the trunk

I've been slacking on the blog, work has been crazy, to say the least. And my constant computer action at work leaves me hanging high and dry when I get home. The last thing on my mind is plopping down in front of a bright screen filled with color and words. Since the last post, I have officially stopped obsessing over Gael and started obsessing over the following items:

"http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=5474099">BIRD RING
This ring is perfect! I love birds, I love rings, I love stamps, but I don't love acrylic-anything. I can make do with acrylic, but gold is definitely more my thang. You know how I do.

Lucy Sarneel brooch
A conversation piece. I like the random mix of textures and clever use of plaid. Just because Stussy and Forever 21 sabotaged the plaid trend with their overabundance of plaid-gear, there is still some love left in my little heart.

Try not to smoke the dress. Har...Har.

Picture 3
I hate the white tights, and her disgustingly skinny legs, but the jacket is smart.

As a tween growing up in the 'burbs of Arcadia, CA, I'd always known United Bamboo to be that gang from 'roun the block where the guys had long orange bangs and drove lowered cars that shook the earth upon ignition. Then, once I stopped wearing baggy cargo shorts, I realized that United Bamboo stood for so much more--aka, one of my favorite brands. UB is catwalk-appropriate, but consumer friendly as well. HEY, can't hate me for buying a $30 UB button down I found at a thrift store! Here are the SPRING/SUMMER 2007 favorites:


Look at em shoes!


Inspired by a pink beret worn recently by my fashion-sensitive friend, Sadaf, here is one that inspires me to paint again.

Anyway, and this is my annoying long post. And while you are browsing through the accompanying links, please listen to some Gil Scott Heron because that man has been getting me through these chilly nights.