Wednesday, April 25, 2007

budget worksheet

I did a little shopping this weekend. I know I shouldn't have, but the discounts were too good! I have been trying to save up for my tooth implantation surgery as well as this weekend's Coachella festivities. However, finding out that one of my favorite clothing brands, Society for Rational Dress, was having a sample sale at their downtown studio, how could I NOT pull out my wallet and subsequently fork over my hard-earned money? And so I did.

societyforrationaldress 2006
I bought this jumper for $30, originally priced at God knows how much. It dates back to the spring/summer 2006 collection. I bought the cream-colored jumper, to which my boyfriend appropriately dubbed "more regal".

This blazer looks much sexier on a rail thin model than on me, but I've come to realize that there's nothing wrong with a little cleavage--from the fall 2006 collection.

And last but not least, from the sample sale, the most worthwhile purchase of the day, the SHOES---the shoes. Certainly there is something a little too flamboyantly Pantheon about the shoes, but that is why they are perfect. They truly are evergreen and has become a vintage find--from the 2005 fall collection. Score.

Along the way to our final stop (Scoops Ice Cream), we wandered over to the Ooga Booga store, which in it's 4th or 5th year of operation, has found quite a cult following. They carry the best mixtapes, cds, rare zines, and all the No Age paraphernalia you need to jumpstart your fanatcism. I think they are playing at the Smell soon, but more on that later...

The store's owner, Wendy, was wearing a great piece:
Sara ClendeningBy: Sara Clendening
So of course, I bought it. I had this great scarf in the same yellow/black colorway (it was plaid before plaid was the craze) but I lost it on tranny-boulevard in Hollywood after a party. Went back to hunt it down, but as I was desperately massaging the pavement for signs of cheap wool, someone (probably a tranny) was bathing in its warmth. I still tear thinking about that scarf. But this necklace is definitely keeping the neck company these days.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


!! I'm back !!

When my life is consumed by editorial work, I stop wanting to play with the blog. But I am constantly hunting on the web and constantly observing my surroundings for inspiration. Luckily, I'm inspired by everything. From the corners of my desk to the colors of the different types of bread in the pantry to my own friends! This weekend, I ran into Kara of All Things Ordinary at the Scion-sponsored art show and went to the Society for Rational Dress sample sale with Van Lam of Natural Histories (which was AMAZING, by the way). These two stylish girls always have interesting things to say and inspire me with their wit and eye for beauty. Check out their blogs!

On a recent trip to Mexico City, it was inspiration OVERLOAD. The D.F.- Distrito Federal- is filled to brim with color; the decorative textiles, the fashion, the people--everything illuminated the city with breathtaking visuals. To that effect, the sky seemed bluer than any I've seen and the archaic buildings seemed even more mysterious. Having always had an affinity for the lush colors of Mexican and indigenous Mayan textile designs, I couldn't help but fall into that tourist trap of buying from the street vendors, paying an obscene amount of $$ for a tablecloth I still haven't used. Haven't found the right venue for it.

A great photo I found on the web.

368436582_aaab1b24d9Another great photo. Look at the different patterns successfully mesh together on this one woman!

To think the Mayans have been doing this for a long-ass time. We need to catch up!

Eley Kishimoto Spring/Summer 2007

Another Eley Kishimoto--in technicolor!

topshop mex
Top Shop's greatest hits

Scholten Baijings project

scholtenbaijings1Another Scholten Baijings project

Until next time...

Friday, April 13, 2007

man about town

I have to say that as much as I love the woman's sillhouette (some) and the limitless design options for women's clothing, I am inexplicably drawn to men's fashion. I'm thinking that it could be that with women's fashion, it's so much easier to come up with something quirky but ready-to-wear whereas for men, it's harder to not fall in that Abercrombie trap (ie. jeans. striped shirt. belt, all badly interpreted). That is why I commend men's designers, for their sensitivity to the lack of options and for defying the social stigmas of wearing anything but pants and a clean shirt. That is why I am a huge Alexandre Plokhov fan, he does wonders with Cloak.

However, today, I would like to shine some light on Martin Margiela for his great work in both men's and women's fashion. A few standouts:

This jacket screams adrogyny. It's both masculine and femine at the same time.

I'm calling it first: bowties will be worn by women across the planet shortly.

This is what angers me. Clearly these wallets belong in both the men's AND women's section of the website. However, you have to pore through the men's to find them.

I guess I am more masculine then I thought. I have shoes similar to both.

The line that's drawn between men's and women's fashion is so thin that I think we only categorize anymore because well, we'd be in complete disarray if there were no more categories to adhere to--or so they say. Regardless, I advise all of you (non-males who only browse the "females") to venture over to xys and check out the great stuff that never gets shared with us.

is it windy or is it jacket time? both.

Psycho wind blew into LA yesterday. While at work, I had the pleasure of seeing a sign fall off a tall building on Wilshire and land on several cars parked in a lot below. Well, I witnessed the aftermath--cars with dented hoods and smashed windows. This strange weather pattern we've been experiencing is supposedly the result of global warming--I agree.

So while it's suddenly so chilly again, I thought about all the great jackets I get to buy now. But knowing my luck, it'll be "hoochie" season when I buy that fabulous jacket which means, I won't need one after all. Oh well, screw hoochie season, here are some jackets to dream about...

I should have made this img smaller but the details on this Undercover jacket cannot be overlooked. This is definitley the jacket for all types of dinners and cold-weathers.

This Ruffian jacket is what I'd wear to the boyfriend's house--with nothing underneath! Just kidding, but this jacket screams "sexy". She who wears the jacket will look cuddly and untouchable all at the same time.

Karen Walker
Karen Walker is totally coming from a left field with this jacket. How many broad-shouldered folk do you think will avoid this jacket? But that is exactly why this jacket is appropriately daunting and who doesn't love a throwback?

Thursday, April 5, 2007

dirty pretty things

Everyone always seems to have heightened expectations when it comes to Europe or anything European. Everything in Europe is better, supposedly (rolling eyes now), except Euro-trash. And the paradigm shifts constantly, this glamourization of Euro-living is being eclipsed by the growing Chinese social culture. The Chinese art scene likens its Eastern European counterpart, where the disintegration of the once-dominant socialist and communist culture is captured by brushstrokes, bulb-flashes, melodies, and poetic ramblings. And I don't even want to get into the everchanging Chinese cuisine. I know we all know for a while now, that China is the ill spot to be---if you're affluent, of course. Isn't that the rule in ANY country?

Anyway, I still think of Europe fondly as I know millions of people do as well. And I still have this morphed understanding of European lifestyle and culture. Luckily, my bff is moving to Berlin for a while and will be feeding me the inside scoop.

Here are some 2007 pieces from design powerhouse BLESS, stationed out of Paris. Bless collaborates with varied artists to create wearable pieces (though seemingly unwearable) and other home-products. Their pieces are unique and cannot be backordered--so get on it!!


blessed no 31

14, Rue Portefoin
F - 75003 Paris

Tel - 331 48 01 67 43
Fax - 331 48 01 00 54

Mo - Fr 14:00 - 19:00
Sa 12:00 - 18:00

Jacket by Monique Van Heist--Dutch design will always make me week in the knees!

Since Sweden's WE/SC induction in the US, I have not been fond of the brand. It was trying to mesh too many ideas together--I mean, come on, what the hell does "WE are the SUPERLATIVE CONSPIRACY" mean anyway? HOWEVER, friend Geoff manages the store in LA and I swear, his persisent optimism has got me excited about their new stuff. Plus, it is on a very different caliber from when it began--they got rid of the badly screened tees and the confusing bright color palette...I can see myself in this jacket/cardigan for sure....