Sunday, February 25, 2007


I don't think I've been enamored with a celebrity (incl. musicians, actors, novelists etc.) for almost 10 years. The kind of admiration that would inspire a collection of photos and an encyclopedic knowledge of the artist's personal and professional history. The last celebrity infatuation had to be with Leonardo DiCaprio. Like every other 8th grade-girl, Leo was it. My taste has changed dramatically since those teeny-bopper days. I like my men a little quirky, though still talented. Currently, Gael Garcia Bernal is stirring my soup. Though I've only gotten through half of Science of Sleep (Paul and I knocked out mid-way), he was great in The Motorcycle Diaries and Dot the I.



He's a great actor, a philanthropist (he taught literacy in Mexico before this whole Hollywood biznaz), a soccer-enthusiast, and to top it off, he LOVES his country and culture. And I heart him.

Oh yea,


Go check it out Black Snake Moan when it hits the theatres. Christina Ricci is half naked, chained to a heater for most of the movie. Definitely has potential! Justin Timberlake doesn't suck either.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Labor of love.

Recently, I've been trying to get involved with the Emancipation Network. I found out about this nonprofit when I was scouting for interational products to include in our May travel issue. Operating under T.E.N. Charities, this group is fighting to raise money for programs that shelter, care for, and protect victims of human trafficking. Everything sold at their shop is made by survivors--from bags, to beautiful notebooks etc. Trafficking overview:

"Slavery was outlawed in the US in 1864, and it is not legal anywhere in the world, yet there are more slaves in the world today than at any time in human history. 27 million people around the world are estimated to be victims of slavery, for forced prostitution, labor, domestic work, and other forms of exploitation, with approximately 50% of victims being under the age of 18.

UNICEF estimates that one million children will be forced into prostitution this year.

IN South Asia, the cost of a human life is about $1000. That’s at the brothel level – parents often receive as little as $150 for their child’s life. For traffickers, the flesh trade is a lucrative business, generating over 7 billion dollars a year. Trafficking is often controlled by organized crime cartels.

Victims of trafficking are subject to gross human rights violations including rape, torture, beatings, starvation, dehumanization, and threats of murdering family members. In the case of traffficking for sexual exploitation, girls often have their virginity sold first, followed by multiple gang rape to break down their resistance. Since the bodies of young girls are not ready for sexual intercourse, this often results in abrasions, making the girls susceptible to HIV and other diseases."

The Emancipation Network also works to educate people on various levels and the shop they've set up on their website is a great alternative way to reach out to a broader audience. Unfortunately, many people are only inspired to help when there is an incentive for the effort. And instead of responding critically to this reality, E.N. is working it into their campaign.

Suede purses made by Nepali girls rescued from slavery in Indian circuses. ($72)

Survivors of Maiti Nepal designed this colorful backpack from traditional Dhaka fabric. ($12)

This bag is made from recycled rice bags. Made by Cambodian girls and women rescued from slavery and exploitation. ($33.60)

shop here or learn more

Friday, February 23, 2007

Girly vs Manly

Picture 2

Picture 1
All by Gasa Inc.


All from Nom de Guerre

Additional thoughts of the day:

Happy birthday Paul! Happy birthday Susan! Happy birthday Patti! Happy birthday Jacqui!



Everytime I think of Cocorosie, i am reminded of the trainrides I had in Europe, the long 15 hour train rides during which I would fall madly in love with the haunting voices of the Casady sisters. My friend Nelson had an ipod (which I was too stubborn to buy) and I abused it, listening to La Maison de Mon Rêve and feeling romantically barren. I was in a relationship at the time of my travels, but it was going nowhere, and my complacency was replaced with a wanton fantasy of being whisked away by some hot European stud. That never happened of course, but the music still takes me back to those sleepless nights.

I heard an advance copy of their latest album: The adventures of ghosthorse and stillborn. It is AMAZING. Due out April 2007.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I've always imagined a pair of heels I'd wear into an important meeting, the kind I would want to be wearing when I kick my feet up on the expensive mahogany conference table after closing a deal. Fortunately, I will never be in a situation where I'd have to reduce myself to behaving ostentatiously. So I let my imagination run wild by copying and pasting the perfect shoes for the perfect non-occasion.

I love the subtle black trim of these Carmen Ho pumps! I don't even wear pumps! But I'd consider wearing these.

This Philip Lim belt reminds me of my boyfriend, who is fascinated by indigenous Mexican textile designs. While we were in Mexico City recently, I found very affordable woven bags and rugs and trivets that bear the distinct colors of Mexican blankets But this beaded belt is most excellent yet probably $200 more than what I was finding in the DFC.

My beau got me a ring for Valentine's Day (insert group sigh here). The ring was purchased from Scout and is a beautiful gold band with a dangling anchor icon. Don't worry, we're not getting engaged. We're just throwing money away in unnecessary places. Oh yea, it doesn't fit on my nutrition-deficient fingers (not even the damn thumb). Regardless, I love it still and my friend Sylvie (who has three huge barrels of great shoes) is hooking it up with a trip to a jeweler in downtown who can size the ring for roughly 10 bucks. Time to get down with downtown.

Both of these are from one of my favorite stores in LA, TORTOISE. I tried to feature some of their hand-dyed tengui napkins in the magazine, but to no avail. I'll have to settle with these rings. HA! Settle...who am I kidding. I'm ecstatic to even have the jpegs in my possession.

I'm buying these.

And these when I start selling my blood again.

One of my favorites, Bon&Ging just sent out a newsletter about their new spring items.

Ok. All this fashion sqawk is giving me a headache.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My new Benz.

A great new addition to the fashion world, Chris Benz, reminds me of everything I needed when I was in private school (grades preschool - 3rd grade). The Puritan-inspired silhouettes, the calm and collected color scheme (with a dash of bright yellow to get the blood flowing), and of course, the cute socks that aren't bobby or frilly or everything I used to hate about little girls. I think I was stuck with the elastic-waist-denims (Taiwanese imports), Jordache clam diggers, and badly screened t's. Chris Benz makes the Tom-boy feel extra girly without feeling overbearingly helpless. You can actually ride a bike wearing his skirts! Frankly at 22 y/o, I'd wear anything from his Fall 2007 his collection.

(I think I found my red shoes!)


Monday, February 19, 2007



The Travel Chanel is airing Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations non-stop today to celebrate President's Day and while the relevancy of the show and the national holiday is still in question, many thanks to TTC for giving us foodie women, something to fantacize about. Anthony is da man, for real, he writes well, loves to cook, is well-traveled, and gravitates toward exploring ethnic cuisine (you're welcome in my hood anytime Tony, the colorful city of Alhambra, CA- the real chinatown). Anyway, here's a great piece he wrote for Michael Ruhlman's blog, emphasizing on his obvious distaste for the Food Network and his special bottle of haterade for Sandra Lee, the queen of processed foods and plastic boobs.

the snarky red shoes that started it all.

A long time ago, during the peak of my obsession with Japanese art, literature, and fashion, I came across this fantastic picture of a smartly-dressed girl who could have been wonderfully pigeon-toed if not for those snarky red shoes that screamed tacky school teacher yet were so absolutely riveting on her. Perhaps it just fit the abstract red scribbles behind her. I'm a woman of balance anyway.

I've been looking for those shoes ever since and have unfortunately never found them. The closest thing to those shoes has got to be this fabulous red bag from Scout in Los Angeles, a store on the infamous 3rd Street-West Hollywood that screams $$$. In any case, those shoes and the bag below are unrelateable (in case you're feeling disoriented by the association). I need to segue, and that was easiest. Current topic: obsessions that bring out the primitive shopaholic in me-and yes, the kind that thrashes around wildly among sale racks and/or beautiful clothing.



Red has been the lip color of choice these days and why not camoflage the rest of the body in red? These suspenders from Shelly Steffee are simple and elegant. I can see myself wearing this under a large white wool coat (lined in paisley of course) with the red peeking through, kind of like a piece of sexy lingerie, but way more conservative of course.


This great pair of Chloé flats promises strong cups of coffee and a promotion to ensue!


Some great new hats to come for Spring/Summer 2007 but I just had to pay homage to what's left of our attention-deficient winter. The climate has been fluctuating from cold to hot in Los Angeles (intercepted by bouts of rain) and yet, I have not found a good weather to wear a hat as polished as the Duckie hat from Still Life. I'm waiting for that old-world Chicago wind to blow, the kind that Los Angelenos will never cross paths with in our sunny town, the same wind that if we're lucky enough, global warming might just bring our way. Thanks to the gross amount of C02 emissions for fucking up our climate and making it possible for me to wear this east-coast appropriate hat in the west coast.

That's enough cynicism and consumerism for today.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

part one

Everyday at work, I am mesmerized by blog material I use to conduct research for projects. These voyeuristic ventures have led me away from updating the personal blog I've maintained for the last five years (until its recent descent into oblivion). Frankly, I'm so sick of the typeface, the web address, the textual reminders that I once foolishly dreamt of unicorns and immortalized my boyfriends. I'm over the fantastical bullshit, ready to get down to some real business. In fact, I think it's about time I jump on the blogger-bandwagon and start posting irreverent ramblings of my obsessions and and current penchant for sustainable living and geometry. Of course, I'll spice it up with a little dose of music.