Wednesday, October 1, 2008

brand or unbrand

Tomorrow night, artist Hank Willis Thomas will be speaking at the Hammer on the subject of his monograph, Pitch Blackness, as well as his much-praised B®anded series. An excerpt from his website:

“The B®anded series is a result of an exploration, and subsequent appropriation of the language of advertising. By employing the ubiquitous language of advertising in my work, I am able to talk explicitly about race, class and history in a medium that the almost everyone can decode.”

I really like his “Unbranded” series, appropriated advertisements from the 60’s to present day, related to black people/culture from which he’s stripped away logos and emblems. It’s scary how the media-fostered portrayal of American black culture hasn’t really changed much in the last 40 some years. It has me visualizing Sambo, I mean, what’s so different? (see some of my own appropriated pics from his website below)

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7 PM

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