Friday, March 16, 2007


With the busy weeks behind me and ahead of me, here is my window of opportunity to update the blog. Luckily, my friends have been nagging at me to update especially since they are aware of my proverbial capriciousness when it comes to blogging (and attending class in college). What great friends I have, or rather--what great shopaholic friends I have. Glad to have them nevertheless.

So recently, I've been searching for a meaningful bag/purse/wallet. This sudden need for a new wallet is a result from a recent loss. Last Saturday, I lost my beloved thrift-store-fabulous wallet along with important documentation, my license, my credit card and my Bruin card (for those discounted movies, you know). Not having a credit card inhibited me from delusional shopping. I was very careful with money and very careful with ebay bids. However, not having my ID meant waiting an hour outside the Spaceland before the Fajima & Miyagi show before someone felt sorry for me and let me in with my temporary permit as my only identification. Yet, after all this, my wallet has apparently been found, my faith in people restored. But why I STILL don't have it in my hands is another story to be told. We'll save that for another time.

Everyone needs the perfect bag. The all around, bag-next-door, bag. The one that you will devote yourself to through its wear and tear moments, the one that you can't seem to let go, even when the leather/pleather starts to peel and the strap comes undone and it smells like jellied barf. I don't currently have a bag like that. I accessorize my outfits with bags that I find at flea markets, thrift stores, Loehmanns (if you didn't know, now you know!), TJ MAXX, or my mom's closet (who knew conservative mom had a gucci purse?) But now I'm ready for the big timer...the high roller...the BAG--the big ass goody.

Is this it?

Anna Corinna's Black City Tote

Affordable, but no cigar...still lovely nevertheless:

Graphic Bucket Tote ($38!!)

Not normally a Kate Spade fan, but this is nice:
Kate Spade Tulum JocelynKate Spade Spring/Summer 07 Tulum

What's YOUR bag? I know my friend Vanessa's is her Green ChloƩ...what's yours?

more to come...


kara said...

here's mine:
in black
it is huge and makes it totally hard to navigate through crowds but i am loyal nonetheless.

vanessa said...

ahem, woman it is chocolate brown! my other best friend bag is from anthropologie...you should check them out as they have really well made fantastic bags from some independent designers.

lynrei said...

im not too big on designer bags- i use head porter a lot, but wallets? that's a whole different category for me and i love me some fine small leather goods!