Thursday, March 1, 2007

Junk in the trunk

I've been slacking on the blog, work has been crazy, to say the least. And my constant computer action at work leaves me hanging high and dry when I get home. The last thing on my mind is plopping down in front of a bright screen filled with color and words. Since the last post, I have officially stopped obsessing over Gael and started obsessing over the following items:

"http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=5474099">BIRD RING
This ring is perfect! I love birds, I love rings, I love stamps, but I don't love acrylic-anything. I can make do with acrylic, but gold is definitely more my thang. You know how I do.

Lucy Sarneel brooch
A conversation piece. I like the random mix of textures and clever use of plaid. Just because Stussy and Forever 21 sabotaged the plaid trend with their overabundance of plaid-gear, there is still some love left in my little heart.

Try not to smoke the dress. Har...Har.

Picture 3
I hate the white tights, and her disgustingly skinny legs, but the jacket is smart.

As a tween growing up in the 'burbs of Arcadia, CA, I'd always known United Bamboo to be that gang from 'roun the block where the guys had long orange bangs and drove lowered cars that shook the earth upon ignition. Then, once I stopped wearing baggy cargo shorts, I realized that United Bamboo stood for so much more--aka, one of my favorite brands. UB is catwalk-appropriate, but consumer friendly as well. HEY, can't hate me for buying a $30 UB button down I found at a thrift store! Here are the SPRING/SUMMER 2007 favorites:


Look at em shoes!


Inspired by a pink beret worn recently by my fashion-sensitive friend, Sadaf, here is one that inspires me to paint again.

Anyway, and this is my annoying long post. And while you are browsing through the accompanying links, please listen to some Gil Scott Heron because that man has been getting me through these chilly nights.

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