Sunday, October 21, 2007

Eventful: Weekends

The last weekend and this recent one have been memorable. I channeled my inner music-loving epicurean and neither the music nor the food disappointed. In fact, I may have caught the best show- ever-at Chop Suey in Seattle.

First came the eponymous Boris (in SEATTLE), the band that will always have a place in my heart, despite how many times they've come close to blowing out my eardrums. Lucky for me, I was able to jumpstart my SEATTLE experience by heading to their show straight from the airport. Though the general mood at the venue was a little dour at first, Boris killed it the minute they stepped on stage. The crowd refrained from showing signs of emotion at first, which was best depicted by a woman gripping her coffee (yes, I said COFFEE) mug with trembling fingers. Midway through the performance, people started to loosen up, throwing up the universal sign of rock n' roll (the devil's horns) and vigorously beating the air with their fists. However, no crowdsurfers that night. Much to my delight, the band played most tracks off PINK. The music was amplified by the lead singer's slightly phallic dual bass/guitar piece and the female guitarist's intense playing. The drummer's perfect, blank stares into the audience was a little creepy, but I'm sure we looked like a mass of light from where he was.

Here's a little peak of what I saw that night.

So the next best thing to that was the Black Lips' Echoplex performance last night which was really exciting for the first 20 minutes they played. Mind you, they were only on stage for 20 minutes. The show was cut short after some jerk in the audience threw a beer bottle on stage. But before the Black Lips chewed us out for being rude, they were amazing! Their Chuck Berry-esque rhythm is paired harmoniously with psych-y guitar work, which reminded me of Marty McFly's " Johnny Be Good" performance at his parent's high school dance, one of my favorite scenes from Back to the Future. Ok, maybe that was a terrible comparison, but I can't help it that I associate that movie with everything in my life-

What was (but without the irritating 15 year old's moshing and spitting at the band)

Try playing both at once. Just kidding.


V.W.L. said...

i feel ya, my friend pointed out that I make way too many back to the future references on a daily basis. too many? i say NOT ENOUGH.

Lynrei said...

diane, i need suggestions on where to eat in LA. jonathan gold's lists aren't cutting it anymore - i am in an oyster / french / californian / mood. any ideas?