Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Interior Decoration A to Z by Betty Pepis c. 1965




Following the footsteps of my favorite people/bloggers, I too will periodically post photos of some favorites of my vintage book collection. I am a notorious thrift-store /estate sale scavenger and have been since my early high school days. You can imagine the ungodly amount of random knickknacks I've acquired. And in true packrat fashion, a lot of my best finds get shoved in a corner of my room, wearing coats of dust. Time to start cleaning out-

This book I found at a random thrift store in south LA. 90 cents I believe it was. I have a weakness for design books, especially the ones from the early to late sixties. I avoid the eighties at all cost, especially since I lived through horrid days of lightening bolt-all over print couches. In this "tome", Betty Pepis defines relevant interior design terms and applies them to everyday decorating. I've definitely found inspiration for my own room makeover. But more on that later.


V.W.L. said...

you've been a busy little blogging bee! you should decorate the new house exactly like the last photo. sigh.

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