Thursday, April 10, 2008

pierre HOTTIE

Just a day ago, my friend Alice showed me her Pierre Hardy x Gap shoes. Of course I was very excited because I am a huge Pierre Hardy fan. Although I'm not quite financially stable enough to buy a pair of his shoes, I still enjoy browsing through the luscious photos up on the Pierre Hardy website. But with the advent of high design/mainstream-design collaborations, PH had to get involved and with none other than retail giant GAP. Here's a little side by side comparison of PH's more affordable gear with the (cough cough) not so affordable desirables-

Gap x Pierre Hardy

Ok, cool. But check this out:
Pierre Hardy SP/SU 2008

I rest my case. I've never been one to salivate over shoe porn, but I realized recently I'm quite the sucker for shoe designs that replicate art pieces.


kara said...

i feel like i became a shoe-porn addict overnight, but it is b-a-d.

Lynrei said...

i think im better in the shoe category this year, at least this trip around. only one pair!


should i become a tranny?
the sandals are quite lovely