Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Lykke

Two posts in one day.
But a worthwhile cause!

Lykke Li has been on my radar for a while now. Since I read about her on a Swedish music blog maybe 11/2 years ago, I knew that she was going to be rolling out hits in no time. I myspaced her of course and thought nothing of her until a year later, her name was mentioned all over the blogosphere. More sleuthing ensued and soon I came across this video:

This is a pretty awesome music video. It's pretty low-budget; I can only imagine how many of these back up dancers actually got paid. All you've got is an unfurnished living room and well, the sun, or as my friend Nina calls it, "nature's disco ball". But Lykke sure knows how to shoulder-dance (shout out to Vanessa). But that's what good editing is all about-

Thanks to MINIROBOT for Lykke Li photos- and for reminding me to post this mv.

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