Monday, November 10, 2008

ha ha ha.

Here's a funny story:

Sometimes I want just lean over and kiss you and eradicate the weirdness planted there, that abysmal performance of sometimes-friendship. I used to scorn impossible relationships. Now I'm trapped in one, one eye shut and the other looking away. How you do that to me. You're hand is still on the wheel and I'm racking my brain for the words that used to count.

"How did we get here?" Oh wait. How did I? (cue in the strangely autobiographical reverb of my roommate's guitar-playing). How how how how how... Did did did did... I I i i i?

Let's pretend this is my story, and the author decided I needed a foil and then the task befell upon you. Like one of those one-act plays and the strange, contiguous events that borderline "scripted" and uncomfortably real. Our worlds collided like clockwork. There was that one song.

"No way!"

And that gut feeling leading the blind astray. "No way!" Why did it feel like magic? We should have stopped with the high school shit but "no" turned out to be "yes", "yes" turned out to be "more" and it was Opposite Day. We looked forward but each with one foot out the door. Vans, high tops. Chucks, low tops. And now you're staring blankly ahead, hand on steering wheel, barefoot. I'm trying to mentally make out with you, but it's like I forgot how to kiss.

Life is funny that way. (muttering under my breath "love" in size 5.6 font) is funny too. You're really funny. In hindsight, I was funnier when I thought it was a comedy or maybe a joke. But then I realized my heart was the punchline.

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