Friday, November 14, 2008

NYT = artsy

When I browse through New York Times' online doppelganger (newyorktimes.com), I always see little bits of art and graphics that I kind of fall in love with. A few days ago, Christopher Silas Neal's work was featured in an article that I don't even remember reading. If you check out his website, you'll see some of his past editorial work that remind me of vintage 1960s children's book-graphics. Here's what I "clipped" from the page.

And here's a link to his website. Neal is a former Texan and current Brooklynite-illustrator/designer whose clients range from reputable newszines like The New Yorker and Texas Monthly (har har) to Sub Pop Records and some of my favorite reads, Seattle's The Stranger and Paper Magazine. I had a feeling I was onto something when I screen captured his artwork.

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