Friday, August 22, 2008

1, 2, 3... pixelate!

While doing some online sleuthing (for work of course), I stumbled upon a new post from one of our illustrators Christoph Niemann, whose work appears every month in our magazine, in the New York Times blog . And I am floored!

Backstory: Christoph and his wife decided to revamp the bathroom of their Berlin home. I his words, “ I took this opportunity to realize one of my artistic dreams: Designing the bathrooms with pixel drawings made of classic 4-by-4 inch colored tiles.” The article takes you through the seemingly laborious (but fun) process of picking the perfect artwork, pixelating it, and then deciding whether or not it’d be compatible with soapsuds. And this is what the Niemanns came up with.



The result...

via NYT

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