Monday, August 4, 2008

yesterday's sandwich would be an awesome band name

Available at Phaidon

Phaidon is releasing a compilation of Ukrainian artist/photographer Boris Mikhailov’s “Yesterday’s Sandwich” collection. And I cannot wait for the shopping cart access on website.

(from the “Yesterday’s Sandwich” collection courtesy of Shugo Arts )

(courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery

(images courtesy of the Bereznitsky Gallery

Many moons ago when I was a wide-eyed art slut exploring Amsterdam’s visual offerings, I stumbled upon Mr. Mikhailov’s work at the Stedelijk museum. From then on, I became kind of a groupie, stalking him online, attempting to track down exhibitions that I could physically get to. Considering his last solo show was in Berlin at the Bereznitsky Gallery in 06, I haven’t been very lucky.

His photographs are thoughtful. The subject matter doesn’t change much; marginalized social sectors of former Soviet states are studied through different extremes from being laughable to cringe-worthy. Then there’s that whimsical quality about all the people he photographs. It’s almost unnerving how the subjects he chooses to shoot–despite their circumstances–bear expressions that I find relatable.

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diane, this is golden. love it!