Wednesday, August 27, 2008

H.Lang Frame of Mind

Black has been "the new black" for the last few seasons it seems. In the publishing world, black is always in. It's kind of an initiation you succumb to when you become an editor- how many black pieces can your closet handle? Usually the answer is "infinite", at least it's been that way for me in the last year, strangely, because I live my life in technicolor. And when I think of designers who inspire my dour aesthetic, I think of Helmut Lang, who despite the occasional misses (ahem-women's resort 08), is always a hit in my book. I love the brand for its minimalist designs and even through all the early tug-of-wars between the it's founder and former proprietor Prada, a temporary production hiatus, and a relaunch in 2006, the brand still retains the look it was born into. Sure, sometimes designs appear like elevated Calvin Klein stock but when I actually get a piece in my hands, I'm always reassured that it's not by the thick, lush fabric and the strong and clean lines. Plus- Helmut Lang is the original chic goth and no one can ever take that away from him. Not even you, Phillip Lim.

Women/Men Fall/Winter 2008, Spring/Summer 2009

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