Wednesday, March 26, 2008

asian Maxwell

Back in the States. Refreshing, yes, but it was definitely a bittersweet homecoming. I truly miss Taiwan this time. I've been there a million times now but this trip was certainly the most memorable. The presidential election fervor has inspired me to involve myself more deeply in the upcoming November situation. But before all the pictures get put up, here's a little sumpin sumpin I picked up while I was there: 方大同, or who I refer to as the Asian Maxwell. If you ignore the obvious differences like skin color, hair style, uhh..like everything, you can kind of hear where Asian Maxwell gets his inspiration. Take a look:

Asian Maxwell:

Non Asian, Actual Maxwell:

More on Taipei, Taiwan in a second.


Lynrei said...

omg! khalil! i love him! he had his concert in hk 2 days after i left! or actually, it is today and yesterday. his taiwan concert was broadcasted though on channel v. dont know why taiwan gets all his love and not hk. but anyway, perhaps now someone can duet "traveling quartet" with me now that i found a fan?

Lynrei said...

oh! and if you listen to the live album of his "love love love" tour, he did a cover of maxwell's whenever whatever. heh