Monday, March 3, 2008

Cat Power, Girl Power, Star Power

I had the pleasure of catching Cat Power perform at the Wiltern thanks to my AWESOME AWESOME friend Alice (which subsequently led to a splitting headache/gum-ache unrelated to the show). And fyi¬– Alice is SO cool that Cat, Chan Marshall, sent her a text message before stepping on stage. Alice is SO cool, that she inherited Ellen Pompeo’s Blackberry.

*Just a side note, since I’m on the topic of celebrities. I used to live in the same apartment complex as Benicio Del Toro. In fact, my parking space was adjacent to his. We talked once. He also hit Paul’s car once and then decided not to leave a note.

While I was already familiar with much of Cat Power’s earlier works, I hadn’t heard anything off her newest album, Jukebox . She performed newer material but surprised us with a few unreleased songs. I can’t remember every song that was sung, but I loved each one. The songs she selected really highlighted the ethereal quality of her voice and her signature, unabashed delivery. She wasn’t that wild though- apparently she’s toned down since her alchie days. But she was poifect. Absolutely poifect.