Tuesday, March 4, 2008

call out

One day, someone brilliant decided to make high fashion affordable and thus, way more attainable. When Target decided to run with the idea, it reached critical mass, and the trend blossomed, spilling over into different arenas. Beyond fashion, you see these collaborations in the tabletop, cookware, and homeware markets.
But fashion-wise, the lines between low and high culture design have become totally blurred. And while everyone is still talking about Proenza Schouler x Target, many important marriages between x brand and y designer have flown under the radar. It’s also not really about affordability anymore. These days, designers focus on balancing function and form by giving a functional object/accessory unexpected flair. And naturally, a product–once totally ignorable–becomes runway ready.


via Cool Hunting
Yohji Yamamoto + Adidas =Y-3
In its fifth year, the brand just keeps getting hotter. Remember when Y-3 first launched Spring ’03? No? Me neither. Regardless or its “humble” beginnings (I’m being sarcastic here), it has since become a relevant brand for all the young hip kids with disposable incomes. And now with its New York storefront (see this NYT article), it’s official. This streetwear/high-fashion hybrid has become it’s own genre and style, shedding the former identities.

Raf Simons + EastPak = 08 S/S ‘Material World’ collection
Raf Simons is a fan of working with other brands, but this is one of those more unexpected fusions. EASTPAK? Really? If I had this in the 5th grade, I would have never dumped the ‘Pak for a Jansport. With Raf leading the way, Eastpak’s road to conquering form over function has been paved. Just socking it to all the 12 years old and under Jansport fans.

Comme des Garçons + Speedo = Fastskin LZR Racer
Woah… Rei has been posting up on her throne drawing out next victims out of a hat labeled "total world domination". Chrome Hearts, Lacoste, Fred Perry–the list goes on. Rei has paused the high brow crossbreeding for an off the beaten path production. I mean, Speedos are the epitome of low brow. It gets such a bad rap at the public pool and beach. On the other hand, it’s worn by professional athletes. Anyway, Rei has given it a mini-makeover. It’s still functional (apparently more so, supposedly it feels like you’re not wearing anything at all). But it’s also updated and for what it is (SPEEDO), stylish.

Longchamp + Jeremy Scott = Le Pilage Stomp
Released last month, another “fun” take on the travel bag. Ok, I get it now. Longchamp wanted to revise its business plan and has been targeting a new audience with Jeremy’s designs. I think it worked. But it’s not couture and definitely travel-friendly. It’s actually got a lot of room for edible contraband and illegal dvds. Just kidding.



are collaborations soon to be over?
marc for vans
comme des garcon for nike
richard prince for LV

the never ending cycle!

fauxfauxreal said...

nice little article here! i have been too busy/lazy/overwhelmed to do any "real" writing...want to do more of these sorts of blogs

annie said...

love this post!i read a WWD article about Hussein Chalayan becoming Creative Director for Puma (which might lead to some very very awesome stuff) and that back in the 90s Puma and Jil Sander teamed up. my project for today is to try to find some of that collab since i have nothing better to do here at work.

Diane said...

I would love more updates on more collabos! Isn't is spooky how these keep happening right under our noses every day...

COMME DES GARCON FOR NIKE?? damn... what has the world come to.