Thursday, March 13, 2008

making the mos of it (not a typo, sorry)

I've been meticulously planning my vacation to Taiwan, nailing down every restaurant I plan to try but of course there are so many others I can't plan for (street. food. baby). I leave tomorrow evening (YAY!) and can only think about the delightful treats to be had. One thing for sure, I will head on over to MOS BURGER, which I have been reading about on all the Taiwanese-food-centric blogs. A few snippets from the website.

This is what you get when you click on an item off the photo-menu. With an enlarged version of your favorite snack food, you also get a detailed chart of nutritional info. And check this out: The Mos burger bun is made of rice mixed with barley and millet. If our own fast food restaurants had clever websites like this one, I think I'd actually be enjoy the food more.



V.W.L. said...

awww mos burger is so good! i've been to the ones in taipei and kyoto. so small though...(this coming from the american who just got back from in n out)

have an amazing time in taiwan! call me asap when you get back cos i am alive and well after midterms and want to see you. xo

Lynrei said...

omg. mos burger is sooooo good. i love it!

annie said...

nytimes travel just did a 36 hours in taiwan! i'm so jealous!

Decent said...

i love mos burger too! i even got a free cell phone holder thing once.

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