Friday, February 23, 2007



Everytime I think of Cocorosie, i am reminded of the trainrides I had in Europe, the long 15 hour train rides during which I would fall madly in love with the haunting voices of the Casady sisters. My friend Nelson had an ipod (which I was too stubborn to buy) and I abused it, listening to La Maison de Mon RĂªve and feeling romantically barren. I was in a relationship at the time of my travels, but it was going nowhere, and my complacency was replaced with a wanton fantasy of being whisked away by some hot European stud. That never happened of course, but the music still takes me back to those sleepless nights.

I heard an advance copy of their latest album: The adventures of ghosthorse and stillborn. It is AMAZING. Due out April 2007.

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