Monday, February 19, 2007

the snarky red shoes that started it all.

A long time ago, during the peak of my obsession with Japanese art, literature, and fashion, I came across this fantastic picture of a smartly-dressed girl who could have been wonderfully pigeon-toed if not for those snarky red shoes that screamed tacky school teacher yet were so absolutely riveting on her. Perhaps it just fit the abstract red scribbles behind her. I'm a woman of balance anyway.

I've been looking for those shoes ever since and have unfortunately never found them. The closest thing to those shoes has got to be this fabulous red bag from Scout in Los Angeles, a store on the infamous 3rd Street-West Hollywood that screams $$$. In any case, those shoes and the bag below are unrelateable (in case you're feeling disoriented by the association). I need to segue, and that was easiest. Current topic: obsessions that bring out the primitive shopaholic in me-and yes, the kind that thrashes around wildly among sale racks and/or beautiful clothing.



Red has been the lip color of choice these days and why not camoflage the rest of the body in red? These suspenders from Shelly Steffee are simple and elegant. I can see myself wearing this under a large white wool coat (lined in paisley of course) with the red peeking through, kind of like a piece of sexy lingerie, but way more conservative of course.


This great pair of ChloƩ flats promises strong cups of coffee and a promotion to ensue!


Some great new hats to come for Spring/Summer 2007 but I just had to pay homage to what's left of our attention-deficient winter. The climate has been fluctuating from cold to hot in Los Angeles (intercepted by bouts of rain) and yet, I have not found a good weather to wear a hat as polished as the Duckie hat from Still Life. I'm waiting for that old-world Chicago wind to blow, the kind that Los Angelenos will never cross paths with in our sunny town, the same wind that if we're lucky enough, global warming might just bring our way. Thanks to the gross amount of C02 emissions for fucking up our climate and making it possible for me to wear this east-coast appropriate hat in the west coast.

That's enough cynicism and consumerism for today.


Lynrei said...

those chole flats are hot! time to throw out my miu mius.

kn said...

lol lol lol
'pay homage to what's left of our attention-deficient winter'
this is so true! we are technically still in winter but really no one gives a shit. its all about fall 2007 right now being fashion week(s) and all even spring is an after thought a la oh yeh, spring awesome soon.

Anonymous said...

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