Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My new Benz.

A great new addition to the fashion world, Chris Benz, reminds me of everything I needed when I was in private school (grades preschool - 3rd grade). The Puritan-inspired silhouettes, the calm and collected color scheme (with a dash of bright yellow to get the blood flowing), and of course, the cute socks that aren't bobby or frilly or everything I used to hate about little girls. I think I was stuck with the elastic-waist-denims (Taiwanese imports), Jordache clam diggers, and badly screened t's. Chris Benz makes the Tom-boy feel extra girly without feeling overbearingly helpless. You can actually ride a bike wearing his skirts! Frankly at 22 y/o, I'd wear anything from his Fall 2007 his collection.

(I think I found my red shoes!)



Martin said...

i really like his stuff. nice post

van said...

i want that ochre hat (!)

kn said...

oh yay, it was so fun to see his stuff on the runway so seeing it as actual photos is quite nice.

Nanashi said...

Great styling, I love the way the model pulled off the white oxford with the pants! I like his color palette, too, it makes him stand out above others. He is not afraid of it.