Monday, February 19, 2007



The Travel Chanel is airing Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations non-stop today to celebrate President's Day and while the relevancy of the show and the national holiday is still in question, many thanks to TTC for giving us foodie women, something to fantacize about. Anthony is da man, for real, he writes well, loves to cook, is well-traveled, and gravitates toward exploring ethnic cuisine (you're welcome in my hood anytime Tony, the colorful city of Alhambra, CA- the real chinatown). Anyway, here's a great piece he wrote for Michael Ruhlman's blog, emphasizing on his obvious distaste for the Food Network and his special bottle of haterade for Sandra Lee, the queen of processed foods and plastic boobs.

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Hakka House said...

Although he is my TV boyfriend, I'm willing to share. Did you know that Andrew had dinner with him in NY recently?