Thursday, February 22, 2007

I've always imagined a pair of heels I'd wear into an important meeting, the kind I would want to be wearing when I kick my feet up on the expensive mahogany conference table after closing a deal. Fortunately, I will never be in a situation where I'd have to reduce myself to behaving ostentatiously. So I let my imagination run wild by copying and pasting the perfect shoes for the perfect non-occasion.

I love the subtle black trim of these Carmen Ho pumps! I don't even wear pumps! But I'd consider wearing these.

This Philip Lim belt reminds me of my boyfriend, who is fascinated by indigenous Mexican textile designs. While we were in Mexico City recently, I found very affordable woven bags and rugs and trivets that bear the distinct colors of Mexican blankets But this beaded belt is most excellent yet probably $200 more than what I was finding in the DFC.

My beau got me a ring for Valentine's Day (insert group sigh here). The ring was purchased from Scout and is a beautiful gold band with a dangling anchor icon. Don't worry, we're not getting engaged. We're just throwing money away in unnecessary places. Oh yea, it doesn't fit on my nutrition-deficient fingers (not even the damn thumb). Regardless, I love it still and my friend Sylvie (who has three huge barrels of great shoes) is hooking it up with a trip to a jeweler in downtown who can size the ring for roughly 10 bucks. Time to get down with downtown.

Both of these are from one of my favorite stores in LA, TORTOISE. I tried to feature some of their hand-dyed tengui napkins in the magazine, but to no avail. I'll have to settle with these rings. HA! Settle...who am I kidding. I'm ecstatic to even have the jpegs in my possession.

I'm buying these.

And these when I start selling my blood again.

One of my favorites, Bon&Ging just sent out a newsletter about their new spring items.

Ok. All this fashion sqawk is giving me a headache.

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kn said...

uhh shoes perfected!! wow.