Thursday, April 5, 2007

dirty pretty things

Everyone always seems to have heightened expectations when it comes to Europe or anything European. Everything in Europe is better, supposedly (rolling eyes now), except Euro-trash. And the paradigm shifts constantly, this glamourization of Euro-living is being eclipsed by the growing Chinese social culture. The Chinese art scene likens its Eastern European counterpart, where the disintegration of the once-dominant socialist and communist culture is captured by brushstrokes, bulb-flashes, melodies, and poetic ramblings. And I don't even want to get into the everchanging Chinese cuisine. I know we all know for a while now, that China is the ill spot to be---if you're affluent, of course. Isn't that the rule in ANY country?

Anyway, I still think of Europe fondly as I know millions of people do as well. And I still have this morphed understanding of European lifestyle and culture. Luckily, my bff is moving to Berlin for a while and will be feeding me the inside scoop.

Here are some 2007 pieces from design powerhouse BLESS, stationed out of Paris. Bless collaborates with varied artists to create wearable pieces (though seemingly unwearable) and other home-products. Their pieces are unique and cannot be backordered--so get on it!!


blessed no 31

14, Rue Portefoin
F - 75003 Paris

Tel - 331 48 01 67 43
Fax - 331 48 01 00 54

Mo - Fr 14:00 - 19:00
Sa 12:00 - 18:00

Jacket by Monique Van Heist--Dutch design will always make me week in the knees!

Since Sweden's WE/SC induction in the US, I have not been fond of the brand. It was trying to mesh too many ideas together--I mean, come on, what the hell does "WE are the SUPERLATIVE CONSPIRACY" mean anyway? HOWEVER, friend Geoff manages the store in LA and I swear, his persisent optimism has got me excited about their new stuff. Plus, it is on a very different caliber from when it began--they got rid of the badly screened tees and the confusing bright color palette...I can see myself in this jacket/cardigan for sure....


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V.W.L. said...

i like the bless stuff! I was a little underwhelmed when I went into the wesc store way back when, but their jeans are lovely.

ps wish you were coming to sf with us this weekend! :(

Jessica said...

I love that jacket above, I would wear that in a heart beat.