Tuesday, April 24, 2007


!! I'm back !!

When my life is consumed by editorial work, I stop wanting to play with the blog. But I am constantly hunting on the web and constantly observing my surroundings for inspiration. Luckily, I'm inspired by everything. From the corners of my desk to the colors of the different types of bread in the pantry to my own friends! This weekend, I ran into Kara of All Things Ordinary at the Scion-sponsored art show and went to the Society for Rational Dress sample sale with Van Lam of Natural Histories (which was AMAZING, by the way). These two stylish girls always have interesting things to say and inspire me with their wit and eye for beauty. Check out their blogs!

On a recent trip to Mexico City, it was inspiration OVERLOAD. The D.F.- Distrito Federal- is filled to brim with color; the decorative textiles, the fashion, the people--everything illuminated the city with breathtaking visuals. To that effect, the sky seemed bluer than any I've seen and the archaic buildings seemed even more mysterious. Having always had an affinity for the lush colors of Mexican and indigenous Mayan textile designs, I couldn't help but fall into that tourist trap of buying from the street vendors, paying an obscene amount of $$ for a tablecloth I still haven't used. Haven't found the right venue for it.

A great photo I found on the web.

368436582_aaab1b24d9Another great photo. Look at the different patterns successfully mesh together on this one woman!

To think the Mayans have been doing this for a long-ass time. We need to catch up!

Eley Kishimoto Spring/Summer 2007

Another Eley Kishimoto--in technicolor!

topshop mex
Top Shop's greatest hits

Scholten Baijings project

scholtenbaijings1Another Scholten Baijings project

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