Friday, April 13, 2007

is it windy or is it jacket time? both.

Psycho wind blew into LA yesterday. While at work, I had the pleasure of seeing a sign fall off a tall building on Wilshire and land on several cars parked in a lot below. Well, I witnessed the aftermath--cars with dented hoods and smashed windows. This strange weather pattern we've been experiencing is supposedly the result of global warming--I agree.

So while it's suddenly so chilly again, I thought about all the great jackets I get to buy now. But knowing my luck, it'll be "hoochie" season when I buy that fabulous jacket which means, I won't need one after all. Oh well, screw hoochie season, here are some jackets to dream about...

I should have made this img smaller but the details on this Undercover jacket cannot be overlooked. This is definitley the jacket for all types of dinners and cold-weathers.

This Ruffian jacket is what I'd wear to the boyfriend's house--with nothing underneath! Just kidding, but this jacket screams "sexy". She who wears the jacket will look cuddly and untouchable all at the same time.

Karen Walker
Karen Walker is totally coming from a left field with this jacket. How many broad-shouldered folk do you think will avoid this jacket? But that is exactly why this jacket is appropriately daunting and who doesn't love a throwback?


V.W.L. said...

it is ALWAYS jacket season!

Minny said...

love the narrow shoulder of the Undercover coat.