Wednesday, April 25, 2007

budget worksheet

I did a little shopping this weekend. I know I shouldn't have, but the discounts were too good! I have been trying to save up for my tooth implantation surgery as well as this weekend's Coachella festivities. However, finding out that one of my favorite clothing brands, Society for Rational Dress, was having a sample sale at their downtown studio, how could I NOT pull out my wallet and subsequently fork over my hard-earned money? And so I did.

societyforrationaldress 2006
I bought this jumper for $30, originally priced at God knows how much. It dates back to the spring/summer 2006 collection. I bought the cream-colored jumper, to which my boyfriend appropriately dubbed "more regal".

This blazer looks much sexier on a rail thin model than on me, but I've come to realize that there's nothing wrong with a little cleavage--from the fall 2006 collection.

And last but not least, from the sample sale, the most worthwhile purchase of the day, the SHOES---the shoes. Certainly there is something a little too flamboyantly Pantheon about the shoes, but that is why they are perfect. They truly are evergreen and has become a vintage find--from the 2005 fall collection. Score.

Along the way to our final stop (Scoops Ice Cream), we wandered over to the Ooga Booga store, which in it's 4th or 5th year of operation, has found quite a cult following. They carry the best mixtapes, cds, rare zines, and all the No Age paraphernalia you need to jumpstart your fanatcism. I think they are playing at the Smell soon, but more on that later...

The store's owner, Wendy, was wearing a great piece:
Sara ClendeningBy: Sara Clendening
So of course, I bought it. I had this great scarf in the same yellow/black colorway (it was plaid before plaid was the craze) but I lost it on tranny-boulevard in Hollywood after a party. Went back to hunt it down, but as I was desperately massaging the pavement for signs of cheap wool, someone (probably a tranny) was bathing in its warmth. I still tear thinking about that scarf. But this necklace is definitely keeping the neck company these days.


V.W.L. said...

oh THAT'S how you close the blazer, haha.

so many compliments on the jumper, btw. ok, and the shoes. AND the pants.

(and get on the budget worksheet already.)

love you!

Minny said...

i remember those shoes. sweet scores!

Lynrei said...

omg those shoes are hot!
you have to let me know of these sample sales and whatnot. i'm back in town on may 17th!

kara said...

k next big sale its you and me!!!
jumper is a great buy.
all giggles over the tranny story.

i saw your bf at coachella, where were YOU?

ps - please quit the job so you can post more, the world needs you.

Anonymous said...

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