Friday, April 13, 2007

man about town

I have to say that as much as I love the woman's sillhouette (some) and the limitless design options for women's clothing, I am inexplicably drawn to men's fashion. I'm thinking that it could be that with women's fashion, it's so much easier to come up with something quirky but ready-to-wear whereas for men, it's harder to not fall in that Abercrombie trap (ie. jeans. striped shirt. belt, all badly interpreted). That is why I commend men's designers, for their sensitivity to the lack of options and for defying the social stigmas of wearing anything but pants and a clean shirt. That is why I am a huge Alexandre Plokhov fan, he does wonders with Cloak.

However, today, I would like to shine some light on Martin Margiela for his great work in both men's and women's fashion. A few standouts:

This jacket screams adrogyny. It's both masculine and femine at the same time.

I'm calling it first: bowties will be worn by women across the planet shortly.

This is what angers me. Clearly these wallets belong in both the men's AND women's section of the website. However, you have to pore through the men's to find them.

I guess I am more masculine then I thought. I have shoes similar to both.

The line that's drawn between men's and women's fashion is so thin that I think we only categorize anymore because well, we'd be in complete disarray if there were no more categories to adhere to--or so they say. Regardless, I advise all of you (non-males who only browse the "females") to venture over to xys and check out the great stuff that never gets shared with us.

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Minny said...

i posted about that awesome mm jacket too! i'm on the hunt for an anti-glam wallet, and those would fit to a t!