Tuesday, February 5, 2008

it's coming

I worship Comme de Garcons at almost a cultish level. And while there are definitely many unwearable pieces that have evolved from the line, I really admire the ingenuity and unconventionality of the designs. Every article of clothing, every bag and wallet, every fragrance bottle is an art piece, a collectible. And while everything I'm mulling over is so redundant and trite (yes yes, who isn't a Comme de Garcons fan these days), this is really a lead into even juicier intel. A little birdie told me about a certain opening of a certain guerilla store (see Guerilla Store this month. I'll do a little sneak-preview/countdown of the opening over the next few weeks until the dawning of the best deadstock surplus to ever hit LA. And if you already know, keep it under wraps. It's more fun that way.


lynrei said...

ive been to their guerilla stores in singapore and hong kong - cant wait to see what kind of "show" they would put up in LA.

kara said...

ok take me with you