Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a month late


Here's an awesome interview featured on Fecal Face that I forgot to share with you all! Ryan Christian interviews Black Dice member, visual artist Bjorn Copeland and uncovers interesting factoids about the visionary's influences, which I'm happy to report include Devo album art and crappy television.



V.W.L. said...


annie said...

I have a book with this as its cover , I forgot what ti's called and I'm too lazy to get it even though it's like 5 feet away. Okay I'll stop being a dick it's called "NeoGeo A New Edge to Abstraction."

Also you flatter me with the apartment therapy compliment. Don't feel me girl, I've seen your duplex! ITS ADORABLE.

annie said...

I mean "fool me". You can feel me all you want. Sorry that was creepy.

fauxfauxreal said...

ahh, it's too bad I missed you at the adidas party...