Monday, February 11, 2008

M.R. + Roosevelt = sooooo L.A.

Friday night was out of control.

A publicist invited a colleague and me to dinner at the Roosevelt Hotel. And with that invitation came another to Mark Ronson’s pre-grammy festivities (also at the same place). Of course, this was a no-brainer YES PLEASE situation. I’d been dying to try Dakota, which has earned some decent reviews, but unfortunately not of recent.

Fast forward to the party. I think most of LA came out that night. Though the event was not celebrity driven, there were a few familiar faces about (C-List DJs/actors). The highlight was Mark Ronson, who donned a pallid complexion (he’s a Brit, remember?) and a copper wedding-singer suit. Nevertheless, he was looking as fashion-forward and musically gifted as ever. Blu Jemz was excellent on the tables and Santogold’s performance, while short-lived, made me a believer. I’ll admit that seeing her on Fader’s Feb. cover was a bit shocking; after all, she hasn’t quite achieved cover status yet. She’s been an internet sensation since the last year but her music doesn’t “move” me. But she used her stage time wisely. Her energy was infectious and I even stopped comparing her to MIA.

THUMBS DOWN: One of the C-list celebrities in attendance was Simon Rex, former MTV VJ and now a deadbeat actor. He performed with Mickey Avalon, another C-lister. Their song of choice was offensive, like how music should never be. I was depressed throughout.

THUMBS UP: Mark Ronson. (Paul, I promise I’ll stop talking about him!)

THUMBS WAY DOWN: Like with anything steeped in Hollywood hype, there is a ton of serious cheese. This includes annoying scenesters to catty agents to overzealous valley girls. But nothing beats the inflated-egos of street wear freaks and fashionista-wannabes. Life’s not a catwalk, folks. No need to strut so hard.

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