Tuesday, February 5, 2008

NY Fall Fashion Week 2008

Well of course I have to express my thoughts.

Thanks to the dependable and frequently updated style.com, I am able to see visuals from the many shows that I don't have the privilege to attend. But regardless, let's look at some of my favorites.


Here's the thing about Y-3. Yohji has taken a brand that could have potentially fallen victim to post-80's-hip hop fashion-hokiness. But instead, he has launched Adidas into a new solar system. Subtle. Chic. Clean lines.


Textures. Colors. Thakoon welds the magic paintbrush to do up clothes (and shoes) to utter perfection. I just can't get over the SHOES! I know I should be over grandfatherly patterns and cuts but there's something about the way a pipe would look with that skirt just kills me.


um, more Thakoon. Sorry.


And the "off the beaten path" award goes to Chris Benz. I really appreciate his aesthetic. While everyone is still stuck in the somber, grunge movement, he's pretty convinced that the 40's flare will take off. I must say, he's convinced me!


Ok, this one is a total shot in the dark. Now that I am a working woman, I prefer appropriate over shocking. And this is totally suitable for a 9 to 5, but still a little unpredictable. Asymmetry is so office-friendly!

Anyway, more updates to come. I can't wait for next Fall already!!

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