Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Anthem Magazine, c'est la vie

The dark days of print-publishing awaits us magazine fanatics at the gates of digital hell and all we can do is pray that our favorites don't succumb. Luckily, only a handful of mine has (weep-sob-Punk Planet RIP).

I recently received an email from ANTHEM magazine, advertising their latest "fashion" issue, with a short but sweet announcement that the magazine is going quarterly. And in these words:

"It seems like we can't spend a full day without stumbling on someone's premature obituary of print media. Anthem wants to prove that what seems impossible can be answered with what's least expected: bigger, bolder, brasher. We'd like to think we're running full throttle into the future with oversized ambition—critics and so-called common sense be damned."

So basically, I'm thinking Anthem is the west coast's answer to V Magazine. Might be too early to speculate, but we'll see. If that's the direction it's heading in, Anthem's got some work ahead of itself. And while I was never a huge fan of the writing, I respect the magazine's design work. Anthem also threw some pretty dope parties at Coachella.

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