Wednesday, September 24, 2008

what's my dosha

No visuals today folks, unless you're where I am, positioned at a 45˚ angle on my bed (back arched), propped up on a stack of pillows, and staring out of my window wishing my flu would pass. My visuals: A green bush and occasionally, a couple of flies looking for a crack in the window, a pathway to my disheveled bedroom.

In the last two years since I started working full-time, I've been sick more than I had been in four years of college. If you don't count that one month when I had that weird stomach thing, college was pretty unexciting for me at the health ward. I guess I was more "experimental" then- I cooked all the time, tested the limits of my physical aptitude (does trying out for the hip hop dance team count?), and wasted time on the internet learning about raw/macrobiotic/vegan lifestyles. The outcome? Good skin, enviable metabolism with a diet that consisted of mostly fresh veggies, and a kick-ass immune system.

A 9 to 5 does weird shit to your mental/physical health. Your day is spent in an unfriendly chair, in front of a really bright screen. You rely on stimulants like coffee or cocaine-er-just kidding to get you going in the morning (seriously kidding). And after work, an exhausted robot-copy of your former self wants to do nothing but veg in front of another bright screen and eat really really bad food. This was my life the first year out of school and while the situation has improved since then, I still don't feel 100%.

Fast forward to this very moment, my laughable immune system trying to battle the flu. PSSH. It's like watching Bush's press conferences- pathetic. The good news is, I'm inspired to get back on track- eat better, sleep more, drink more water, blah blah. Chill out on the coffee and bad sugars. This is also why I've taken an interest in ayurvedic eating...

find out what your dosha is

and find out what that means.

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