Tuesday, September 16, 2008


While I’ve been conveniently finding ways to distract myself from being engrossed in dinner table/water-cooler/insufferable DMV-waiting-line discussions about the elections, I really can’t help but be (engrossed). I already know who I’m going to vote for– but with all the recent press coverage of Palin and her disgusting neocon ideologies, I can’t help but stew. I also can’t help but go on these anti-McCain/Pain message boards and stew some more. But then I realized that simply reading political commentary and getting pissed off is pretty ineffectual in the grand scheme of things, especially with only a month and a half left before knowing the outcome.

Now’s the time to mobilize. Whether you are a Democrat, an Independent, or a Republican-for-Obama, now’s the time to encourage discussion and education about the current state of affairs and America’s opportunity to heal. Even if you’ve been zoning out for the last year and a half, now’s the time to go read those candidate platforms and decide whether or not you can handle four more years of hell with a guy who has voted over 90% of the time with Bush and his potna-in-crime who doesn’t believe dinosaurs walked the earth.

Most importantly- you must register to vote, especially if you’re an Obama supporter. I’m hearing a lot of “but we know California’s in the bag” or “it’s too complicated”, but you must vote because you CAN. Because if you don’t, you are squandering a right and a privilege that that some other people in this world would die for. Because frankly, at the state we’re in, we just can’t afford to hand in our rights on silver platters.

Anyway- along with a few friends, I’ll be throwing an Obama/Biden fundraiser early October here in Los Angeles probably at the Mountain Bar. Please keep your eyes/ears out for more info. Let’s send those Republicans packing!

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ohh its going to be so fun.(btw it is systems of operation)