Friday, January 25, 2008


Dear God,

Today while logging into Facebook (is a trademark sign needed for this kind of mention?), I noticed that I was sent a new message. Upon digitally opening my cyberspace "mailbox", I noticed that Jason Stern from UCLA Radio sent me a congratulatory message. Apparently, the contest I had entered closed. And by the will of the good Lord, I had won a pair of tickets to the Mirah/the Blow show tonight.

And now, I'm sitting at work, flashing my toothy smile at the computer screen as I count my blessings. These two artists are some of my favs! And gee golly, I just love winning things. Diana, my bff, and I will drive over to the Fonda and think of you, Lord. And like superstars, we will park in a spacious lot where we'll charm the parking attendants into giving us the Chinese discount (50% off, baby!). And you know what, just because I'm in a good mood, I'll even buy Diana a bacon-wrapped hot dog for kicks after the show.

Much love, G.

Di xoxo


Lynrei said...

mirah and the blow! how lucky!

Greg said...

diane..im moving back april! hopefully you'll still be in california