Monday, January 7, 2008

a wing and a horn

I was going to write a piece about Wings + Horns for the Nylon blog, but thought I'd gussy up my blog with a sneak of this amazing amazing Canadian menswear brand, and the store that sells this brand exclusively.

My boyfriend, whose fashion sensibility is enviable, is a big W+H fan. We stumbled upon Roden Gray while ransacking Gastown for good shopping. The store was doing some major winter-cleaning because the sale was off the HOOK, so to speak.

wings and horns
Rack of Japanese stock

That wooden display block was created by the store's owner, Rob, who actually had to carve at the wood, and then torch it to create the beaten, charred look. The photo doesn't quite capture the artistry that went into his woodwork. Not only are these huge, they are chic and seem $$$. Rob was so nonchalant about it, I just stood there agape, wishing I was that creative.

Anyway, it's not worth posting up pics of any W+H pieces from the previous lines since the stuff to come is probably 10 x's more rad. But here's a peak, courtesy of the Roden Gray blog.

Wings + Horns & Dayton collaboration

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Decent said...

i'm obsessed with men's fashion. i think about what i would wear if i was a guy.