Thursday, January 10, 2008

the illest mag

his is why I love Japanese magazines- the following spreads (from REINA magazine) are perfect examples of why Japanese fashion publications "reinabove" ours (see- reign above). Concise, but not streamlined. An entire page dedicated to essential pieces for the closet. Following the initial catalogue of stuff are spreads of the model actually putting the pieces to work. What's amazing is, Japanese mags (some) always have the most experimental stylists.

A concept fashion spread/shoot that I also love (from REINA magazine as well)



V.W.L. said...

nice. honey i shrunk the kids + alice in wonderland?

Decent said...

my sister bought me a bunch of jp mags!

lynrei said...

japanese magazines!

i used to buy these weekly until the habit got to crazy. also, what do you do with all of them? i would keep them for 3 years and then go through everything, rip out the pages i liked and then recycle. now i buy them only when asami imajuku is on the cover.

lynrei said...

picked up reina the other night at kinokuniya. love it!